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Слова перед смертью

Недавно наткнулся на сайт Техасского департамента полиции, где выкладывают последние слова заключенных перед смертной казнью и краткое описание дела.
Почитать для общего развития крайне интересно.
Сам сайт https://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/death_row/dr_executed_offenders.html

Яркий пример, что говорит на электрическом стуле чернокожий гопник, застреливший полицейского:
"You clown police. You gonna stop with all that killing all these kids. You're gonna stop killing innocent kids, murdering young kids. When I kill one or pop one, ya'll want to kill me. God has a plan for everything. You hear? I love everyone that loves me. I ain't got no love for anyone that don't love me."


Нужны, ясное дело, минимальные познания ангельского.


Что может быть круче, цитаты из терминатора?
Now, my statement to the world: I am in the midst of truth. I am good, I am straight, don't trip. To all my partners, tell them I said like Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back." These eyes will close, but they will be opened again, my understanding of God is, Jesus has got me through. To my family, I love ya'll.


Человечку 18 лет.
On 09/02/2002, in Cherokee County, Texas, Cobb and co-defendant, abducted three victims, a male and two females. Cobb and his codefendant fatally shot the male victim, sexually assaulted and shot the two female victims and left their bodies in a field.
"Life is death, death is life. I hope that someday this absurdity that humanity has come to will come to and an end. Life is too short. I hope that anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that. Life is too short to harbor feelings of hatred and anger. That's it."


10 из 10:
"I have come here today to die, not make speeches. Today is a good day for dying."

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